Code of Conduct

We consider our guidelines and codes of conduct as important criteria for a long-term and successful cooperation. Each employee is responsible for his actions and that these are in line with these principles.

Our organization

The HEBUmedical GmbH as a medium-sized family-run business with its self-financing substainly is safe of crisis. The management shall perform a protective function, that protects the company from hostile takeover of third parties, for example.

The name HEBUmedical stands for tradition, technical expertise, high quality and reliability.

Our destination

Our destination is the sustainable and long-term economic success of our company. Technical innovations and a high in-house production depth have a high priority for us.

We want to follow on our previous successes. We achieve this by working closely with our customers on new innovative projects. Our high-quality and safety standards continue to contribute significantly to the desired customer satisfaction.

Intercourse with employees

We provide our employees with a safe working environment and fair conditions. The development of skills and abilities of our employees are always supported.

Dealing with each other and with all others is characterized by respect, dignity, fairness and politeness. Therefore, we don't allow personal discrimination based on national origin, color, sex, age, religion, disability or personal lifestyles.


We compete only in legally and ethically permissible conditions and prohibit an anti-competitive behaviour, such as secret price-fixing.

We take the conformity with applicable laws and professional standards for granted and we maintain the confidentiality and privacy of our customers, employees and others with whom we do business.

We hold on basic human rights and avoid business activities that disregard human rights. Child labor is not tolerated.


We pursuit to minimize negative environmental impacts of our business. We boost our employees’ environmentally conscious thinking through active involvement.

Conflict Material

We obliged not to use Conflict Materials. By special supplier agreements we ensure compliance with the regulation. The Dodd-Franc-Act defines a 3TG-Material (Tungsten, Tantalum, Tin and Gold) as a Conflict Material, if mining and trading of the 3TG-Materials are used for funding or otherwise support of armed conflicts in the Democratic Republic of Congo or their neighboring countries (Angola, Burundi, Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Zambia, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Central African Republic).

February 2015